Posted Friday, August 6, 2004

Assorted photos, 2002-2004

February 2002, in Stittsville.

St. Patrick's Day 2002, in Ottawa.

Opening for The Prototype at Café Dekcuf, in Ottawa.

Opening for The Prototype, May 18, 2002.

Opening for Shane Simpson, May 24, 2002.

Again, opening for Shane Simpson at Zaphod's, in Ottawa.

In Manotick for the Dickinson Days Festival, June 2002.

Dickinson Days again...

...and again.

In Chicago at Uncommon Ground for MOBfest, June 22, 2002.

Wearing Grandma's glasses at Lumina Resort, July, 2002.

Lumina Resort in Dwight, July 15, 2002.

Hangin' with the staff at Lumina Resort.

The "Farewell to Ottawa" show, August 23, 2002.

Herrell's in Boston, December, 2003.

The Heart and Soul Café in Dunrobin, March, 2004.

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